District Thirteen generates over two billion dollars of agricultural products a year. Agriculture is important to us.

Here are important points I believe.

  • Trade is essential for Eastern Washington agriculture.
    • Work on improving our infrastructure and ensuring that government policies do not put unfair burdens on agriculture producers, processors, and transporters.
    • Lobby so we can freely and fairly export our products.


  • Water is also essential for Eastern Washington agriculture.
    • Support improvements to irrigation projects using the Yakima River.
    • Support North I-90 Odessa Aquifer Groundwater Replacement Project
    • Support fair and sustainable ways to ease the depletion of the Odessa Aquifer


Here are other things I think we should do.

  • Educate people on the unique benefits and challenges of farming in Eastern Washington.


  • Support the continued growth of Washington State University extension services.


  • Ensure that farmers are involved in the development of agricultural regulations or government policies that would affect agriculture.


  • Develop programs to help small and medium sized farms survive and compete.


  • Protect the health and safety of our famers and farm laborers.


One of our grandsons wants to come back and be a farmer.