Work and Employment

Work and Employment

  • Research shows that work is good for us. Most people who describe themselves as happy also tend to work.
    • Work can help give us a purpose in life.
    • Work can help us feel productive and helpful
    • Work can help us have a good standard of living and be able to care for others.
  • Research shows that most people want to work and will work with proper training and coaching.

What do I propose?

We should do the following:

  • Ensure equal pay for equal work.
  • Ensure livable wages.
  • Ensure a safe work environment.
  • Ensure workers have access to affordable health care.
  • Ensure workers are able to negotiate for fair wages and acceptable work conditions.
  • Provide support as people retrain.
  • Recognize the dignity of workers and the work they do.
  • Recognize that college is not for everyone and provide solid training, such as professional/technical programs and apprenticeships, for those who choose to go a different direction.
  • Recognize that most Americans will change their jobs or careers more than ten times during their lifetime.
    • Teach people to prepare for such inevitable changes.
    • Provide affordable and accessible training and education for new jobs.
    • Since many new jobs are not predictable because of changing technology and needs, we should ensure our students and people retraining have the following skills:
      • Solid education in basic skills.
      • Science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and associated skills.
      • Critical thinking skills
      • Creativity
      • Curiosity
      • The ability to be a lifelong learner
  • Set an example and teach the following skills to our children and to others later in their life if need be:
    • To be punctual
    • To manage time
    • To be honest
    • To set effective short term and long term goals
    • To work hard 

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